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Hello again dear readers! As promised, I am back today with another installment of the Husband of the Blogger Link Up. These monthly posts are a chance for readers to get to know our husbands better, we feel that it is important to bring our husbands into our blogging. If you have seen the previous posts you know we did an introduction to our husbands, a “what do you wish I knew” post where we wives asked our husbands what they wish we knew about a few different topics, last month Lance and I skipped last month when they discussed men’s ministry due to the fact Lance has never had much experience in that area (yet). This month we come to you to talk about legacy.
Have you ever thought of the legacy that has been left to you, or the one that you are leaving your children? Below, Lance answers questions about the legacy his parents left him and what he hopes to leave our children.

  1. Lance, what legacy do you feel that your mother is leaving you?
    _ A commitment to God and family, love, support, industriousness, serving others (she’s gotten better at this in recent years).

    2). Lance, what legacy do you feel that your father is leaving?
    _ A commitment to God and family, work ethic, stewardship, both with people and the land. Serving others (Dad’s always had this desire, from his tour with the Navy in Vietnam, volunteering as a 4-H leader, Ditch Board member, Planning Board Member and taking on the thankless job of County Commissioner for 12 years). Helping others and volunteering what time he can spare from a busy Rancher’s schedule is always something that’s come naturally to Dad.


    3). Lance, what legacy do you want to leave for your children?
    _ A combination of all of the above features of Mom and Dad, with God at the forefront.

    4). Lance, if there is one thing you wish your parents would have helped impress upon you more, what is it?
    _ Take time/make time to read the Bible


    5). Lance, What way or ways can I help support the legacy you want our children to gain?

_ Encourage me and our children to walk daily with God and strive to reach our goals.


This interview made me so grateful for the amazing man that I have. I am thankful that he desires to put God first in all He does.

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