Meal Time Interview with Sharon From Around the Table blog

Hello dear reader! Life gets hectic sometimes doesn’t it? Sometime ago, I had an interview with Sharon from her blog Around The Table that I forgot to share with you. I really appreciate her vision of restoring the culture of family meals. We realize that no two dinner tables are going to look the same, however it is important to Sharon (and to me) that mealtimes are times of celebration and fellowship. Sharon and I discussed how meal time looks in my family from who sits around the table to what exactly happens around the table. You can find the whole interview posted on her blog, here I will just give you a small taste of meal time in the Durgan home but be sure to go over to her blog to read the rest of the interview.

Tell me who is around your table:
My husband, our 20 month old son, and myself. We are Christians and love the Lord first, each other second. My husband, Lance, and I take turns praying before meals. He is an engineer (and rancher, we have a family ranch) and I am a stay at home momma to our toddler boy, who is adventurous and loves all things boy!
I hope you enjoy and are encouraged to build better meal times for your family. It is something I am always working on myself as I believe fellowship over meals is a beautiful thing.

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