Husband of the Blogger Link Up – May

Hello Again!

Something I want to be sure to do on this blog is to include Lance and his ideas more. One way of doing so is a monthly post I will write, joining a few blogging friends in what we call Husband of the Blogger Link Up. We started this last month, if you want to see Lance’s answers to those questions please click here.

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This month the questions all revolved around “What do you wish your wife knew about…”. The 5 questions that Lance answered are

What do you wish your wife knew about…

– What Household Chores are most important to you
– Sexual intimacy and why its so important to you
– Your own space, when and why do you need it
–  What refreshes you and speaks your love language
– Your childhood home

Lance, what household chores are most important to you?
“It is very important to me that we keep our home looking like a home and not a pig sty. I believe this is a command from God for the wife, but that also when the time or season permits I can be of help in this area. It is most important to me to have clean clothes, because I have to be presentable in society every day, and I want you and Matthew to look your best as well. So laundry would be number one for sure. The other things that are important to me are dishes, vacuuming and cutting up vegetables when we have heads of broccoli or cauliflower that need to be cut up.”


Lance, why is sexual intimacy an important part of our relationship?
Okay reader, you really don’t have to stop reading and go wash you eyes and ears out. This is not that type of question. Sexual intimacy is an important part of any marital relationship and this is only asking why he thinks its an important aspect of any given marriage, not directly related to us. 

“It’s important but its only one aspect of the kind of love that God envisions for a marriage. It is necessary to have children of course, but it’s also given to us as a command (in Genesis 2:24)that  two people will become one. It is the most intimate (personal, private) emotional and physical thing that you can do with another human being. Its also the closest you can get to your spouse. It should be joyous for both the husband and the wife.”

Lance what do you wish I knew about your own space when and why do you need it?

I enjoy tinkering in the garage or outside where I don’t necessarily need your help. I want to do these things on my own because they are masculine responsibilities and when I complete them they help me to feel fulfilled. I also enjoy my hobby of watching sports (though it is fun when you watch them with me -especially football as I know you understand and enjoy that one the most).
– These two (other than work) are things I enjoy being by myself. I am away from you enough at work that I enjoy spending time with you when I am home. There are  obligations of keeping the home on my end that I actually enjoy and need to do alone. I like being useful and enjoy doing these things at home. I can get restless if I am not working with my hands at times”.

Lance what refreshes you and speaks your love language?
My love language is physical touch and your presence. I am refreshed by spending time with you. If I have had a hard day I need your presence and you to love me by being near me when I get home. I am big on cuddling and I know that physical touch is not your top love language and so when you go out of your way to make sure I get this type of love it is very important and precious to me.”

Lance, what is it you wish I knew about your childhood home?
It was loving, supportive, nurturing but at the same time there was discipline and expectations, I had chores. It was fair. I am forever blessed by my childhood because I realize not everyone had the same upbringing that I had. I never really wanted for anything, all my needs were taken care of. Not to say I was given everything I ever wanted, that is not true for any of us. I was very well loved and taken care of.

I grew up on a ranch in Montana in gorgeous mountain country so the whole outdoors was at my fingertips. Its a upbringing and childhood that a very small percentage of people are blessed by. It is my dream to one day live here with our family.”

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