Life is but a vapor. That is what the Lord seems to be pressing into my heart as of late. I see the very old and the very young and I wonder. One has seen many days come to pass, like the pages turning in a book, while the other has seen only light and has yet to have words penned to their page. Life, its a beautiful journey. No one on this earth has a life that is exactly like the other, and yet we can relate with another because of the similar things we all walk through. We know the warmth of birthday candles, the majestic colors of the sunrise, the smell of a fresh fallen rain, we see ocean waves and hear the thunder.

There is a purpose to all of this, all of these blessed days on this earth. We know the lush green of Spring and the still coolness of Winter. Seasons come and seasons go and in between the pages, we live. The choice of how we will live is in our hands. These days, these pages in our book – the Master Author has handed us the pen and given us the authority to choose how these pages will read. In His infinite wisdom, He does not force us to choose the path that will lead to Him, He does not twist the plot so that our story shouts His praise, but instead that is left to us. How will we live this life and will we fill our pages with the beauty of living a life for God? Will we choose to see His hand in every word, every sentence and in every page we turn? He knows, but He leaves the choice of how we will live to us.

We can take this life and make it beautiful. We can rejoice in the seemingly small, because one day, when we are turning the last pages of our book we will look back and realize the small, was really always the big. We must make a deliberate decision, here on this page of our lives. If we are going to start rejoicing in the small, we must strip away all of our preconceived notions of how this life should be and start living as God intended us to. Searching, desiring and being open to His blessings, all around us. You see, not far into our books we meet the villain of the story, the one who is hungry to destroy. He starts whispering his lies and soon if we are not careful in how we use our pen, we fall for his trickery. We begin to fail to see the beauty in life and the blessings God has so intimately placed in our days.

If you have done so dear sweet reader, can I encourage you to change the pen you are writing with? Turn the page and craft new words. Words that speak life and wholeness, words that inspire. Choose to see the reminders of Gods love that He places all around us.

There has to be passion in this life if it is to be a life well lived. We cannot simply go through our days to get through them. Every day, offers us a chance to rejoice and to live. Everyday gives us a blank page and it is up to us what we will choose to write on them. I am not here to tell you there wont be pain on these pages, that is simply not the truth, we are promised seasons in this life. But what I can tell you is that the Master Author already knew those pages existed and after you live them you and your story will be stronger because of them. Don’t be afraid to feel these pages in your hands, don’t be afraid to cry out to the Lord, He after all is our strength and shield in times of need.

As you write your story you will break, you will build and you will if you choose to, rejoice. Because this life we are living really is a beautiful thing.


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